I find it difficult to believe I have been teaching the Alexander Technique since 1992. In that time I have worked with all sorts of individuals, groups and companies for a variety of reasons, ranging from aches and pains, RSI, carpel tunnel syndrome, confidence, stress issues to personal performance for musicians, actors, businessmen, sports people and athletes.

I discovered the Technique when I visited an osteopath because of whiplash injuries which had not improved after several years. She was also an Alexander Teacher and thought that I would make a good teacher. As this nuts and bolts technique had succeeded where the medical world could only offer surgery I decided it was a good idea and signed up for the three year training. See? It can change your life!

a smiling Charles Tully

I bring experience of the business world from my days as a graphic designer and manager, and to enhance my teaching I have added qualifications in Performance Coaching and Counselling. I am particularly interested in how the Technique can help people combat stress as I have suffered in the past.

I am a full member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (STAT).

After many years of teaching the Alexander Technique in the Manchester area, I have now relocated to the Isle of Wight. I give individual lessons in Ryde and at the Island Therapy Centre in Lake (half way between Shanklin and Sandown). I also present talks, introductory workshops, and give company training.

If you have any questions, would like to discuss any issue, improve the quality of your life, book a lesson or have me talk to your group please call me.