A new start.

I used to teach at The Island Therapy Centre in Lake. This has had to close so I am looking for a new place to teach from in the south of the Island

Please get in touch if you know of any venues I could use - Ventnor would be good, but I am happy to hear of anywhere suitable.

I am of course still teaching from my base in Ryde town centre,

The Alexander Technique can be useful for solving postural problems that lead to aches and pains, psychological ones like stress and anxiety, and where it is probably best known, in improving performance for athletes, musicians and anyone who depends on personal skills.

The Alexander Technique is somewhere between the physical and talking therapies and has been described as the operating instructions for ourselves. If nothing else has worked for you then try the Alexander Technique for a different approach.

I teach individuals in Ryde town centre PO33 2NT. I also run introductory sessions for groups and companies on site.

Have a look at the rest of my website and feel free to call me to discuss your needs and book a lesson.

  • Some quotes about
    the Alexander Technique...

  • “Life is easier

  • “It's a skill I have
    for the rest of my life

  • “People say I'm calmer and
    easier to work with

  • “The pain I've had for 20 years
    has gone!

  • “I'm taller!

  • “My balance is
    much improved

  • “I feel more feminine

  • Stress? What's that?

  • “I thought change was not possible at my age”

  • “I feel in control”

  • “I can walk the hills all day

  • “I look and feel younger

  • “I changed a habit
    - I put myself first

  • “My golf drive is 30yds longer

  • “It's not expensive for such
    valuable changes

I initially consulted Charles about problems with my shoulder, but he has now transformed my thoughts on the way I use my body. Alexander Technique helped me to see where I hold tension and how I had developed bad posture habits. Charles is an excellent Alexander practitioner. I can certainly recommend him, he understands how a body works and is very calming and patient
Chrissie Gibson (Director, Connectivity Associates Ltd.)